Episode 65

The Exorcism Made Things Worse!!!


September 7th, 2020

55 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Noah, JJ, and Cat interview Amanda about the time her parents hired someone to perform an exorcism on her and it failed. She was berated by a demon at a young age and now sees the dead walking among us. Did we mention that she discovers there is a Ghost in JJ and Cat's home? We absloutly loved having Amanda on and encourage you to check her out on TikTok and Instagram @Amandvraye Let us know what you think and email us at RealHauntingsPodcast@gmail.com or message us directly on Instagram and TikTok @RealHauntingsPodcast. Please download, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes. Don't forget a new episode releases every Monday!